Creator of uniquely handcrafted, artistic, functional, and decorative pottery; Renné expresses in her creations the same principles she has  applied to the living of life—seeking to achieve with passion  Tennyson’s goal of shining in use by avoiding the dullness of being unburnished, of pausing and making an end.

Renné first became involved in the creation of clay art forms in 1990. Since that time, she has perfected her visions and abilities to functionally express her creative desires. Her goal — the creation of artfully graceful forms which are usable in day to day living. 

Currently she works out of the Gazebo Potters Cooperative in Ruidoso, and teaches pottery classes at the Ruidoso branch of Eastern New Mexico University. The Gazebo Cooperative is open to the general public. There Renné and the other members of the Cooperative work on their creations and give classes. The general public is invited to come, observe, and participate.


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Aside from her personally inspired works available at galleries, special events, and other in-person venues; Renne’ Bradley will consider commission request and other special creation inquiries.  You may submit your detailed written request on the contact form.

Come visit the “Gazebo Potters Co-op”
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